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Baltic Sea Resort Binz

BINZ is one of the most renowned seaside resorts on Rügen's east coast. It combines unique surroundings with one of the longest sandy beaches on the island. Have a look for yourself:

Binz is the largest and best-known Baltic Sea Resort on the island of Rügen and is situated on the edge of the Granitz region, between the Baltic Sea and Schmachter lake.
The townscape is dominated by a large number of gorgeous Bäder-period villas. One of these is the Villa GLÜCKAUF, faithfully restored in the mid-90s and today a listed building. These villas stem from Binz' heyday in the 19th and early 20th century.
The resort has another distinctive feature in its pier. It was rebuilt in 1994 and is Rügen's longest, with a total length of 370m (404yds). Departing from here are regular ship services to the neighbouring Baltic Sea Resorts and the famous chalk cliffs of Rügen.
Many more sights await you in Binz, not least the time-honoured spa (the Kurhaus), which represents more than just the geographic heart of the resort.

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